Tinture naturali ed ecoprint, scatto creativo.


The art of natural dye and eco print consists in useing the dyeing power of plants to color or print permanently on fabric.


Natural dyeing is a slow process that allows us to get back in touch with nature. Teaches amazement and surprise.





Bosco, scatto creativo.



It is in nature that everything begins, with the phase of collecting the leaves and plant elements.


The process takes place in several stages. After being washed, the fabric must be mordent, this allows the cuticles of the fibers to open and the color to take root. The actual dyeing can occur in different ways. After cooking, the canvas is opened and the prints are revealed: the result is always a surprise





Sustainability has always been the foundational for Vagamente Retrò. Each creation is made with certified natural fabrics, trying to prefer small artisan production companies,  upcycling and vintage fabrics or deadstock of great value. Making garments mainly to order allows us to reduce waste, the craftsmanship will allow you to have a quality product that will last over time.